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Roofing Service

Your roof is one of the most important aesthetic elements of your home’s exterior. As your trusted local roofer, we treat all our customers as if they were family because we believe our customers are a part of our family. we have experience with most other types of roofing systems available in the marketplace. When choosing a roofing system, you want a roof that will not only add curb appeal to your home but one that will also help lower your energy costs.

As your roof ages, it does more than just detract from your home’s curb appeal. It could also be letting heat escape in the winter and allowing warm air into your home during the summer. Our certified experts will walk you through all of your available options to ensure you are getting a look that will be the envy of the neighborhood as well as being energy efficient.

One Top Rated Construction LLC offers high-quality roofing services to both commercial and domestic clients. We are passionate about finding the best solution to all roofing problems. We offer consultations to assess the best roofing solution for you- we take care to ensure that we are informative and clear about the services we provide and the processes that are involved. We continuously strive to give all clients a competitive quote for the roof service required.

We can fix a range of issues in roofing, including:

Leaks: We can replace roof lining and insulation, fix lead work, or just a few tiles!

Storm damage: We can replace loose roofing tiles or tiles that have been damaged by weather.

Re-roofing: Either replacing tiles on a pitched roof or repairing flat roofs.

Lead work: Our team is highly qualified to implement and repair lead roofs, step flashing, back tray flashing, and more!

From simple fixing to full replacement, our surveying team takes time to discuss with you what the best re-roofing option will be for your project and will show you samples on request. We also provide emergency roof repair work. Whether your gutter has been damaged or your roof is leaking, our team works around the clock to ensure that your emergency roofing needs are fixed quickly and to an excellent standard.  

Our roofing experts will give you exact advice on repairs and preventative measures that will save you money in the years to come. We know our business so you can focus on yours! Give us a call or fill out our online form and our team of experts will get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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