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Chimney Service

Our mission statement has always been to treat every customer like family and do the highest quality chimney work possible. One Top Rated Construction LLC specializes in fireplace and hearth maintenance, inspection, repair, installation, sweeping, and cleaning. When your chimney wears or breaks, air can get into your flue creating many potential problems. Animals and debris can become trapped inside and prevent efficient air circulation leading to sever and potentially permanent damage. Annual cleaning is required for the maintenance of any chimney.

Here are some components of your chimney that need to be kept in mind and need regular repairs and maintenance:

  • Damper
  • Chimney Cap
  • Fireplace
  • Flue
  • Flash
  • Exterior Masonry

The chimney system is an integral part of the home and should be installed and maintained by certified professionals. When installed improperly or left neglected, your chimney could be a source of serious trouble. Not only is an uncared for chimney a serious fire hazard, but it can also contribute to health problems (by releasing toxic byproducts of combustion back into the home) and energy waste (by allowing expensive conditioned air to escape through the chimney, while bringing outside air down into the home).

Your chimney should be professionally cleaned once a year. This is a recommendation agreed upon by nearly every major chimney and fire safety organization in the United States and around the world. Primarily, a sweep’s job is to remove all the creosote that’s accumulated and begun to line the inside of your chimney. This highly-flammable byproduct can create numerous problems if left to build up.

Your sweep will also check for blockages that could lead to back drafting, loss of efficiency, carbon monoxide poisoning, or a chimney fire. There are two basic types of chimneys—masonry chimneys (built entirely of bricks, blocks, or stone and mortar) and factory-built metal chimneys (which are connected to a lightweight metal firebox). There are a few hybrid systems, too, where a metal firebox is connected to a masonry chimney. Our skilled team can install a prefabricated or masonry chimney, custom made to accommodate the heating appliance of your choice. We can also present several options tailored to your budget.

If yours is not a new construction project, but rather your existing chimney is in such bad condition that a tear down and rebuild has been suggested, we can handle that for you, too. We look at the parts that include the flue liners, chimney caps, crown, as well as exterior brickwork.

We look for signs of damage and will immediately recommend the necessary repairs for your chimney.

In severe cases of damage, chimney stack rebuilding and removal is required. We ensure that chimneys are rebuilt using stronger mortar as a preventative measure. Our skilled professionals can rectify leaning; in severe cases, the whole chimney stack will need to be knocked down and re-built. In less severe cases, we can implement steel straps for stabilization. Replacing bricks is not a problem - we effortlessly cut out damaged brick work or render and replace it with new, stronger, undamaged materials.

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